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Before you submit the online enrolment form please ensure you have read the Retail Business & Management College Conditions of Enrolment below and sign that you have done so.

I have read and accepted the conditions of enrolment. I agree that the information in this application may be used for purposes relating to my enrolment as a student at Retail Business & Management College or at any other institution to which I may subsequently apply. I acknowledge that the information may be used for external purposes when it is in statistical form or when it is not to my disadvantage for this to be done, and also where disclosure is required, in New Zealand, to comply with the Privacy Act 1993. I acknowledge that I have the right to see and correct if necessary the information I have provided.

I declare that I am enrolling as a Student at Retail Business & Management College ("PTE") and I wish to pay my Student Fees to Public Trust ("Trustee") as trustee to be held in the Trustee's Trust Account, as an individual trust for protection of my Student Fees paid to the PTE.